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Industrial & Business Services

We have been a leading investor in industrial and business services companies for more than 40 years. Our investment philosophy is simple and time tested: we partner with exceptional management teams to build enduring businesses over the long term. We focus on market-leading businesses with sustainable competitive advantages, attractive organic growth opportunities, and the potential to enhance growth through accretive acquisitions. Together with our management partners, we drive long-term shareholder value with a focus on growth opportunities over financial engineering. We are comfortable with a variety of transaction structures, including majority investments, corporate carve-outs, sponsor-to-sponsor transactions, take privates, and structured minority investments.

We believe in the value of domain expertise, and each of our partners has developed deep experience in their respective sectors. This sector knowledge enables us to both identify attractive opportunities prior to investment and to better support management teams post-transaction. We have invested over $7 billion since 2001, in focus sectors including:


  • Industrials:

    • Aerospace & Defense

    • Process Industries

    • Highly Engineered Components

    • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

    • Aftermarket Automotive

    • Building Products

    • Packaging

    • Food & Foodservice Equipment

    • Distribution

  • Business Services

    • Property & Facility Services

    • Supply Chain and Logistics

    • Testing, Inspection, and Certification

    • Sales & Marketing Services

    • Repair & Warranty Services

    • Transaction Processing

    • Information Services & Analytics

    • Corporate Training & Education

    • Legal, Risk, and Compliance

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