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Compliance Services 


The key to success in the business environment is effective risk management at strategic and operational levels. Our assurance professionals help our clients to understand and address those risks, and through that to position their businesses for success in Turkey and beyond.  

The exact nature of the assurance by our clients depends on their specific business situation and industry regulations backgrounds and requirements. We work closely with our clients’ senior management to define and implement an assurance program that delivers value to them and assurance to external stakeholders. In addition to our highly experienced audit professionals, we may also draw upon specialist KPMG staff in tax, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, forensic, IT or business process management.

Questions to be Addressed through Compliance Services 

How do I achieve compliance with regulatory requirements in my industry sector? 
How can I improve my levels of corporate governance and decision-making? 
Is the effectiveness and efficiency of our internal controls sufficient? 
How can I have greater confidence in my IT and data security? 
How can I comply with tax regulations while minimizing my tax exposure? 
Can my budgeting and financial planning processes be optimized? 
How can I undertake a business transaction at minimal risk?
How can I prepare for the introduction of international financial management and reporting standards such as IFRS? 
How can I be sure that my investment assessment procedures are helping management to make the right investment decisions?

Through our wold wild connections, we are ready to investigate and bring to you the best results regarding your inquiry, to ensure safe overseas trade and results.

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